Term DepositsFlexible and secure investment vehicles.

With term deposits, you can determine the amount and frequency of your deposits and select the term that suits you best. Term deposits have guaranteed rates and are a secure savings vehicle for short or long-term investments.

Term deposits, require a minimum deposit of $1,000 and, in most cases, are not redeemable prior to maturity. Some promotions, however, may allow redemption prior to maturity. This option gives you the opportunity to use your money for other needs or to reinvest at higher rates.

Benefits Features
Flexibility Fixed term deposit accounts available in amounts of $1,000 or more.  Redeemable term deposit accounts available in amounts of $500 or more. Guaranteed rate of return for 12 months, with no penalty for early withdrawal.
Choice Term lengths range from 30 days to 5 years, with interest rates guaranteed for the length of the term.
Consistent income Interest paid annually or at maturity.
Secures income Initial interest rate guaranteed for a full term.
Earns money Earned interest compounded in the account.
Convenience Telephone transfers available.
Peace of mind All deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

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